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Pimlico Academy

Pimlico Academy

GCSE & A-level results 2021

We celebrate the achievements of all our Year 11 and Year 13 students who have received their GCSE and A-level results this week here at Pimlico Academy. 

That our young people navigated the hurdles they have this year is testimony to their grit and strength; that they have walked away with the grades they have is yet further proof that they are more resilient than they are often given credit for. 

The grades they have been awarded are the result of hours and hours of teachers’ time and energy, of careful analysis of a plethora of data and information on each of the candidates, considered individually, and of lengthy marking of a huge amount of work that students undertook during a year that brought them unprecedented challenges. 

75% of our pupils achieved grades 9 to 4 in English and Mathematics this year. Our top ten GCSE students clocked up between them 60 Grade 9s, 17 Grade 8s and 7 Grade 7s, with one of those ten being awarded a full suite of Grade 9s.

69% of students achieved A*-B grades at A-level, with the top 10 students achieving 17 A* grades and 24 A grades between them. Those results mean that over 80% of our Year 13 students will be off to university, 40% of them to Oxbridge and universities in the Russell Group.

Any talk of ‘over-inflation’ of grades this year undermines both the integrity and robustness of the Teacher Assessed Grade process and, more importantly, the achievements of our students. To compare the grades awarded this year with those awarded last year and in previous years is to compare to each other things that cannot and should not be compared, which is why I welcome the Government’s decision to pause publication of examination league tables until public examinations return. The results this year are different and have been arrived at by a different process but they still have integrity and our students can be proud of them.   

I extend huge congratulations to all those who received their GCSE and A-level grades this week, and to their teachers, families, friends and carers who have supported them along the way. And I wish them all the best for the next step on their journey.

Tony Oulton, Acting Principal