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Pimlico Academy

Welcome toPimlico Academy

Libertas per cultum

Our Community

Pimlico Academy sits at the heart of a vibrant, thriving community. We encourage our students to actively respect and contribute to the world around them, be it through charitable work or by educating them on wider world issues.

To support our students in being good neighbours and responsible citizens, we have a Community Code of Conduct which outlines the following expectations:

  1. Students should wear the full academy uniform with pride on the way to and from the academy.
  2. Students should be mindful of the language that they use and the volume of their voices.
  3. Students should cross the road safely. They should always use the crossing and wait for the green man.
  4. Students should queue in single file at bus stops and outside shops. They should allow members of the public onto buses first and should give up their seat to the elderly or to those who need it.
  5. Students should walk in no more than double file.  They should be careful not to block the pavements. 
  6. Students should respect the environment and not drop litter.
  7. Students should ride bicycles safely and sensibly. They should not ride them on public walkways.
  8. Students should not congregate in public areas before school. This includes in parks, outside shops or on estates.  They should proceed directly from home to the academy before the school day.
  9. Students should not congregate in public areas after school. If they want to meet up with their friends, they should first return home and change out of the academy uniform.
  10. Students should show the normal respect to teachers when they see them outside of the academy.   Say “Good morning” or “Good bye”.  They should follow any instructions, first time and without complaint.