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Admissions Policy

Pimlico Academy is a non-selective comprehensive school, with an agreed Published Admissions Number (PAN) of 210 new Year 7 students per academic year. 

All Year 7 admissions applications are considered against these criteria. After the admission of students with Statements of Special Educational Needs where Pimlico Academy is named on the Statement, the criteria will be applied in this order:

Rule 1

Admission of children in Public Care (Looked after Children and previously Looked after Children)*.

Rule 2

Admission of children with specific medical needs, social needs and special needs where the application is supported by specific written advice as to why admission to the Academy is necessary.

Rule 3

Admission of children with siblings currently attending the Academy and who will continue to do so on the date of admission. The term "sibling" means a full, step, half, adopted or foster brother or sister, but not cousins. The Academy reserves the right to ask for proof of relationship once offers have been made.

Rule 4

Admission of children attending any of Pimlico Primary, Millbank Academy or Churchill Gardens Primary Academy in Year 6 at the closing date for applications.

Rule 5

Admission of children who live closest to the Academy, as measured by the shortest walking route. The student's permanent address is where he or she normally lives and sleeps and goes to school from. Proof of residence can be requested once offers have been made. If false or misleading information is used to gain entry to the Academy, applicants may lose their priority for admission.


To view our Admission Policies for  2020-2021, and 2021-2022, click below.