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Pimlico Academy

Pimlico Academy

Pimlico Academy

Welcome toPimlico Academy

Libertas per cultum

Our Staff

Our staff team comprises highly-qualified, passionate and motivated individuals, all united by one common goal: to inspire their students and guide them in achieving their potential.

Our Leadership Team

Acting Principal Tony Oulton
Vice Principal (Academic) Daisy Mitchell-Rose
Vice Principal (Pastoral) Sara Poolman
Assistant Principal Chris Suckling
Assistant Principal Tom English
Assistant Principal Anthony Booth
Assistant Principal Lauren Reid

 Heads of Department

Art & Design Ms. L Hughes
Classics Mr. C Furber
Computer Science Mr. A Hirst
Drama Ms. A Simpson
English Ms. L Hehir
Geography Mr. J Russell-Steel
History Ms. A Harries
Mathematics Ms. I Idros
MFL Mr. F Degueurce-Roberge
Music Ms. H Elis-Williams
PE Ms. A Royal
Science Ms. A Prior
Social Sciences Ms. E Owen

Pastoral Team

Year 7

Mr. J Wood - Head of Year
Ms. D Oliver-Morgan - Pastoral Leader
Year 8 Ms. H Davies - Head of Year
Mr. J Wood - Pastoral Leader
Year 9 Ms. E Cordery - Head of Year
Ms. J Hylton - Pastoral Leader
Year 10 Mr. C Bardetti - Head of Year
Ms. D Gooden - Pastoral Leader
Year 11 Mr. J Ford - Head of Year
Ms. C Warwick - Pastoral Leader
Sixth Form Ms. C Glenn - Head of Year 12
Ms. E Hughes - Head of Year 13
Ms. A Mann - Sixth Form Administrator



Lauren Reid