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Pimlico Academy

Pimlico Academy

Pimlico Academy

Welcome toPimlico Academy

Libertas per cultum

Our Staff

Our staff team is comprised of highly-qualified, passionate and motivated individuals, all united by one common goal: to inspire their students and guide them in achieving their potential.

Staff Testimonials

"Over the last 5 years, I have greatly enjoyed working here.  For much of this time I have worked as a support tutor, and I am currently teaching in the Social Sciences department.  As a result, my role has continued to develop over the years with the support of the school management and leadership.  I think that this is indicative of a wider school culture that values professional development and actively creates opportunities for staff to take on responsibility in a supportive way.

As a school, Pimlico offers a positive and purposeful environment.  Students stand out as hardworking, friendly, and approachable: as do the staff. Teachers are particularly well supported by the Premises, IT, and support staff, who all work hard to ensure the school runs well for students.

The staff benefits are popular at the school and include a free breakfast and lunch in the school restaurant. The staff society is very active and there are regular opportunities to participate in after-work sports clubs, quizzes, cultural walks and more. During the evenings, weekends, and holidays the school functions as a very popular community centre.  This makes the school a unique place, giving you the opportunity to involve yourself in local community events, pop in for the Sunday car-boot sale, or just use the fitness room for an hour."

Oliver Wimborne

"I’ve been at Pimlico Academy for almost 5 years and throughout my time here, I’ve always felt incredibly supported by staff I have worked with. Pimlico Academy has given me so many opportunities both in terms of career development and personal enrichment. During my first year, I was given the opportunity to have a tutor group which was unusual for a non-teaching member of staff. Getting to know the students has been a real highlight and helped me to become more involved in Academy life. The Academy is incredibly supportive of CPD and my career has greatly benefitted from being given the opportunity to attend courses. So many friendly, sociable staff help make it a really special place where I feel very lucky to work."

Kirsty Borszcz


Please see below for a list of the talented individuals who make up our teaching team. 

Our Teaching Staff

Principal Mr D. Smith
Associate Vice Principal Ms. L Hehir
Associate Vice Principal Mr. T Kitson
Assistant Principal Mr. A Booth
Assistant Principal Ms. H Lawrence
Assistant Principal Mr. C Suckling

 Heads of Department

Art and Technology Ms. J Tonkin
Classics Mr. C Furber
Computer Science Mr. A Hirst
Drama Ms. A Simpson
English Ms. L Hehir
Geography Mr. J Russell-Steel
History Ms. A Harries
Mathematics Ms. I Idros
MFL Mr. F Degueurce-Roberge
Music Ms. H Elis-Williams
PE Ms. A Royal
Science Ms. A Prior
Social Sciences Ms. M Browning

Pastoral Team

Year 7

Mr. J Wood - Head of Year

Ms. D Oliver-Morgan - Pastoral Leader
Year 8 Ms. H Davies - Head of Year
Mr. J Wood - Pastoral Leader
Year 9 Ms. E Cordery - Head of Year
Ms. J Hylton - Pastoral Leader
Year 10 Mr. C Bardetti - Head of Year
Ms. D Gooden - Pastoral Leader
Year 11 Mr. J Ford - Head of Year
Ms. C Warwick - Pastoral Leader
Sixth Form Ms. E Hughes - Head of Year
Ms. A Davey - Academic Tutor
Ms. E Farr - Administrator