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Pimlico Academy

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Libertas per cultum

Principal's Welcome

Welcome to Pimlico Academy, and to our website.

Pimlico Academy is a happy and caring community, but one that has scholarship, academic achievement and character development at its heart.   Everything that we do is underpinned by our motto, ‘Libertas per cultum’ (‘Freedom through education’).  We have an absolute belief in the power of education to empower individuals, to transform lives and to shape a better world.   As a matter of social justice, all students, irrespective of background or starting point, have a right to learn about the best that has been thought, known and said.   We believe that having access to a first-rate knowledge-rich curriculum, supported by a comprehensive co-curriculum, is a prerequisite to developing understanding, cultural literacy, good character and, ultimately, wisdom.

When people visit the academy for the first time, they are struck by the knowledge, eloquence and confidence of our students.   They are struck by the intelligence, energy and devotion of our teachers.  Students, teachers and parents feel privileged to be part of our community.  It is evident that there’s something very special going on here. 

Our academy is set apart by the importance that we attach to the design and delivery of our bespoke knowledge-rich curriculum.  Through our Curriculum Centre, led by Lady Nash, a team of subject-specialists and researchers continually develop and rework curriculum resources, using evidence from the best practice in our schools as well as the latest in pedagogical and cognitive research.  This curriculum is then delivered to students by skilful and enthusiastic subject-specialist teachers, using traditional teaching methods.   The formal academic curriculum is complemented and enhanced by our extensive co-curricular programme that is available to all students every day after school.

As a direct result of our intelligent curriculum design and excellent teaching, our students make exceptional academic progress and achieve impressive exam results.  They become thoughtful and polite young people, interested in the world around them, in the arts, in culture, in travel, in politics.   They relish their time at the academy and, when the time comes, they leave ready and eager to lead their lives as effective, well-rounded and responsible citizens. 

I encourage you to learn more about Pimlico Academy by exploring our website and I look forward to perhaps welcoming you to the academy in the near future.

Daniel Smith