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Safeguarding at Pimlico Academy

All staff at Pimlico Academy are committed to providing outstanding safeguarding. All staff receive annual safeguarding training and a library of literary guidance is available for staff to read, including:

The DSL, DDSL and Welfare Lead are all Level 3 safeguarding trained and have years of experience in dealing with safeguarding concerns and issues. The safeguarding team work with external agencies to ensure all students are effectively safeguarded at all times.

Students are taught that they can speak to any member of staff if they have a concern or worry. There are a few members of staff who are particularly useful for students to have access to, should they need to discuss a concern. All students are in a Tutor Group and their Tutor oversees daily pastoral care during their Tutor Time period. All students also have a Head of Year and Pastoral Leader who oversees their development and progress throughout their 7 years of study. Contact details for these members of staff are:

Pimlico Academy, much like over 450 other schools across London, work in partnership with the Metropolitan Police. PC Sinclair is our Safety Schools Office and you will see him often around school, at the end of the day or in the community.

Pimlico Academy also utilises the expertise of a wide range of guest speakers, lecturers, authors and visitors to enrich and augment the curriculum and learning opportunities of our students. To ensure that guests and visitors’ information is in line with our own values and ethos, the academy completes a rigorous process of checks. By completing these checks, the academy is confident that we are protecting our students from inappropriate content while enjoying the wide benefits of external speakers. All visitors to the academy are expected to follow the Visitors' Code of Conduct and the academy operates a lanyard system to ensure any visitor is chaperoned around the building, if DBS checks have not been complete.